Chuck Norris Facts: Movies

Created on 26 Sep, 2021
Last Update on 16 Sep, 2022

  • Chuck Norris uses a stunt double for crying scenes.

  • He has a cameo in Titanic. He didn't have a speaking role, but you may have noticed him as the iceberg.

  • 300 (2006)
    If Chuck Norris had performed in 300, the film would be called 1:

  • Taken (2008): "Phone Speech" Scene
    Watch the video: Taken Phone Speech [HD] - 0:59 sec | 7.9Mi views

    Chuck Norris Facts: Taken

  • The Purge (2013): "Let us Purge" Scene
    Watch the video: The Purge (3/10) Movie CLIP - Please Just Let Us Purge (2013) HD - 3:14 min | 5.4Mi views

    Chuck Norris Facts: The Purge

  • The Ring (2002): "Phone Call" Scene
    Watch the video: Phone Call - 0:23 sec | 370k views

    Chuck Norris Facts: The Ring

  • Saw (2004): "I want to play a game" Scene
    Watch the video: Jigsaw i want to play the game - 0:32 sec | 780k views

    Chuck Norris: Saw Movie

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