Chuck Norris Facts: Personal Care

Created on 26 Sep, 2021
Last Update on 30 May, 2023
  • Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9% of germs. Chuck Norris can kill 100% of whatever the hell he wants.

  • When Chuck Norris Sneezes, he creates the 0.1% of bacteria that hand sanitizers can't kill.

  • Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.

  • He doesn't shower. He only takes blood baths.

  • Chuck Norris doesn't turn on the shower. He stares at it until it starts to cry.

  • When there's a meteor shower Chuck Norris grabs a bar of soap.

  • A Chuck Norris hot shower most of you call it "ice bucket challenge":

  • He doesn't have hair on his balls. Not because Chuck Norris manscapes, but because hair can't grow on fucking steel.

  • Chuck Norris doesn't flush the toilet… he scares the shit out of it.

  • They once made a Chuck Norris brand toilet paper, but it didn't take shit from anybody.

  • Chuck Norris decided to shave his beard:

  • Chuck Norris shaving his beard:

  • Chuck Norris transformation after shaving his beard:

  • Chuck Norris toilet paper:

    Chuck Norris Toilet Paper

  • Skin lotion of Chuck Norris:

    Chuck Norris Lotion

  • This is how Chuck Norris gets a tattoo:

    Chuck Norris: Tattoo

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