Why does Sonic run so fast?

Created on 14 Nov, 2019
Last Update on 18 Jul, 2021

Video Game Series

According to various official materials from Sega, Sonic is described as a character who is "like the wind". Meaning he was born to run, never standing still. He was always on the move, looking for the next adventure. Therefore, boredom is definitely excluded from his way of living.

Sonic's greatest strength is his running speed, being known in the game's universe as "the world's fastest hedgehog". It is an innate ability to run faster than the speed of sound, incredible reflexes as well as extreme flexibility to roll up into a ball that gives him extra acceleration. Besides, he uses this skill as a primarily attack against his enemies. His speed is not always consistent – it rises and falls, but that’s because Sonic rarely uses his full power.

One of the most important pieces of Sonic’s equipment is his famous Hi-Speed Shoes. While running he needs friction-proof shoes, so these certainly serve the purpose for which they are intended – running fast and safe. Besides, they are specifically made for the grinding maneuver.


Sonic's background can be seen in a special comic edition called "The Origin of Sonic". In short:

  • Sonic was already pretty fast (for a hedgehog) when he first encountered Dr Robotnik: "The fastest hedgehog on the planet".
  • Robotnik provided him with "power sneakers" and allowed him to train on his "kinetic gyratoscope", resulting in Sonic being able to run at super-sonic speed.

The comic itself is a retelling of an earlier work; the licensed book "Stay Sonic". Which in turn is a version of an even earlier backstory given for Sonic in the original "SEGA Sonic bible".