Netherlands 2004: Aviodrome

Created on 09 Jul, 2023
Last Update on 09 Jul, 2023

Aviodrome is a large aerospace museum located at Lelystad Airport since 2003.

KLM’s Lockheed L-749 Constellation displayed in the Aviodrome exhibition. The Constellation flew for the US Air Force until 1967. After that, the Connie served as a sprayer to protect crops. In 1993 the aircraft was taken over by the Stichting Constellation Nederland, after which Aviodrome took over the aircraft in 2001. The aircraft was restored there, before being festively included in the Aviodrome collection.

Replica of the Schiphol airport terminal building from 1928 which is decorated in the style of the period. You can try to learn Morse code in the radio room and climb up the tower for a sweeping panorama of the museum and airport. Right in front a Douglas C-47A Skytrain “Fifi Kate”.

Douglas C-47B Skytrain held on display outside the Museum. This aircraft was originally delivered to the USAAF with s/n 44-76634 in 1945. In 2003, it was repainted to resemble PH-ALR, a Douglas DC-3-194B operated by KLM that was written off near Heston on September 21, 1940.

Consolidated PBY5A Catalina amphibious flying boat maintained in airworthy condition by the museum.

Supermarine Spitfire (replica) and a V-1 “Flying bomb” (model) on top.

Original BAT F.K.23 Bantam (Koolhoven) from 1919 with registration K-123 on the ELTA. Acquired in England and fully restored in 2003.