Chuck Norris Facts: He Was Here!

Created on 27 Sep, 2021
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  • Chuck Norris once dug a hole with a spoon. Now is known as the Grand Canyon.

  • The worst hand slap mark ever. Must have been a pat on the back from Chuck Norris.

    Chuck Norris: hand slap

  • Chuck Norris just divided by zero.

    Chuck Norris: zero division

  • Chuck Norris pissed here:

    Chuck Norris: mess

  • Chuck Norris tough some scouts how to tie a knot.

    Chuck Norris: knot

  • Chuck Norris walked down this sideways:

    Chuck Norris: sideways

  • The war is over. Chuck Norris is here!

    Chuck Norris: war

  • Chuck Norris just got pulled over.

    Chuck Norris: pulled over

  • Chuck Norris was here! And he chose scissors.

    Chuck Norris: rock

  • What happened here? Chuck Norris fell out bed.

    Chuck Norris: building

  • Chuck Norris was here:

    Chuck Norris: car

  • Chuck Norris leaves here:

    Chuck Norris: home

  • Chuck Norris flipped a coin once it landed here.

    Chuck Norris: giant hole

  • Street being rebuilt. Chuck Norris was here!

    Chuck Norris: street work

  • Chuck Norris taking his car on a joyride:

    Chuck Norris: traffic

  • Chuck Norris playing with his fidget spinner:

    Chuck Norris: tornado

  • Chuck Norris just farted:

    Chuck Norris: mushroom cloud

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