Gugu Liberato: Sadness and Tributes

Created on 08 Dec, 2019
Last Update on 01 Oct, 2022

Sadness among Colleagues

Although there is no official source confirming his death, behind the scenes on TV Record are very saddened by his colleague's accident. The station's presenters and artists used the networks to express their appreciation for Gugu, who featured two reality-show shows: "Sing With Me" and "Power Couple Brazil" on the channel.

Rodrigo Faro from "Faro Time" posted a photo next to Gugu with the following message [2]:

It can't be my God… It can't be… Someone says this news is not true… :( Please… ||

A few hours later you added [3]:

Let's keep praying !!!! || Do not spread false news please ... Read this statement carefully. [...]

And also posted:

Let's make a big prayer chain for Gugu to get out of this. Don't stop praying, he'll get out of this.

Presenters Ticiane Pinheiro of "Today", and Silvye Alves of "City Alert Goiás", as well as actress Nivea Stelmann commented on the post sympathizing with family.

Then Ticiane also made a good-bye post from the host:

Today is WORLD TV DAY! What an irony of fate that one of his greatest representatives left this very day! Gugu, thank you for being part of the life of so many Brazilians, for inspiring so many communicators! I will remember forever the special "Family Record" that I took from you secret friend and gave you the little yellow chicks, and you, generous as it is, said so many cool things to me that still touch my heart! Rest in peace, dear friend! Lots of light and strength for your family, friends and fans! We will love you forever!

However, the host was extremely criticized for the farewell even before there was any official pronouncement from the host's hospital or family.

Even Xuxa Meneghel commented on her colleague's post, saying she had rushed. "It has not been confirmed. Let's pray and think positive. Miracles happen," asked the eternal queen of the little ones.

After a while, Ticiane changed the photo caption with Gugu and blocked the comments that were mostly angry with the host [4]:


Ana Furtado supported her:

Positive thinking, Tici! Let's pray a lot for him. He is alive.

Xuxa Meneghel added:

Let's pray and think positive ... miracles happen.

Marcos Mion opened the Thursday edition, 21 of The Farm 2019 quite thrilled. With choked voice and tears in his eyes, the presenter asked for prayers for Gugu Liberato:

Night of great faith and great expectation. All the death rumors that have surfaced in recent hours have not been confirmed. What we must do at this moment is not to speculate but to pray. Pray for our dear Gugu. Because miracles happen. It's going to be hard to play today's show, but I count on your collaboration if I can't deliver all the joy, humor, and fun you're used to.

Following this, Mion chatted live with the pawns, but unlike the usual, could not play and asked only quick questions.

On Instagram, Gugu program director Homero Salles stressed that the presenter's health condition has not changed and that he remains under observation. "I'm coming to Orlando to meet Gugu's family ... don't believe in fake news," he wrote. "A lot of people more interested in creating rumors than praying ... the time is for prayer" ....

Celso Portiolli used his Instagram to say he is praying for the presenter.

Dear Gugu, my wife and I are praying and asking God a lot to promptly reestablish you

Celso Portiolli presents Domingo Legal, a program that is considered one of the main ones of Gugu Liberato's career, since the departure of the SBT presenter in 2009.

Presenter Otávio Mesquita also used his social networks to ask Gugu Liberato for prayers:

He is part of my professional life! Helped me a lot! God will protect!

Luciano Huck, for example, set aside the competition between the broadcasters and recalled an old photo with the "Canta Comigo" host:

We are praying for you.

Luciana Gimenez posted a photo of her friend. "I have no words .... We don't have news .... I'm here in anguish !! Praying," said Lucas Jagger's mother. Already Zezé Di Camargo regretted sharing a false news about the death. "Guys, wrong information came to my team that made the previous post. I am hoping that Gugu is fine and just fake news," said the artist, who had already been the target of false rumors in the beginning of this year. Brother of Zeze, Luciano posted a photo with Gugu: "Praying and asking a lot for Jesus to work a miracle in your life ...". In the comments, Carla Perez also said: "I believe in miracles." And Helô Pinheiro stated: “Praying a lot, you are the friend that many people would like to have. Resist, please. ”

Adriane Galisteu, in turn, posted moments next to the presenter:

My dear friend, it is very difficult to believe that sadness .... so many moments, so many stories, so many laughs ... my professional and personal life has always been mixed with yours, I am and always will be your fan and admirer! All my love to you and your family.

On her social networks, Debby Lagranha commented on the news about her co-worker and recalled the meetings they had on TV.

“My dear Gugu, it's all kind of confusing, there is a lot of news coming in, a tight heart and a single certainty: we are united by you!” She said.

Debby then talked about the experience of living with Gugu. "I keep thinking about the honor I had ... so small, working together with you, and after so many years, meeting you again at Power Couple Brasil. Your charisma, your cute and considerate way ... Your concern at all times, always helpful. and with goodwill ... One of the greatest communicators in Brazil ...! Here is my simple tribute, my respect and my full support for family members. Gugu is immortal, all this cannot be happening ...! ".

Angelica stated in the Instagram Stories: "Let's pray and send good energy to our Gugu." Otaviano Costa wrote: “Dear Gugu and all your family and friends, we are praying for you! God in charge!".

Monique Evans also voiced her cheering: "Praying so much for your recovery, dear friend." Leandro Hassum encouraged: “All strength to dear Gugu! Let's get out of this! ”. And Maisa Silva asked, "Let's pray and send all the positive healing energies to Gugu, people."

Mariana Belém stated: “An appeal: stop deducting and run to break the news first. The official statement came out and I put it in my stories. I repeat: there is a family there, there is a ninety year old mother, there are teenage children who live online. So, please, stop hunting carrots and compete who loves more, who has more intimacy, who has better sources ... Enough of irresponsibility. Empathy, compassion and respect. "

Andrea Nobrega wished for improvements in her friend's health and asked him to recover quickly:

Amid so much mismatched information, good news! You are alive, my friend, thank God! We are all in prayer for your recovery! Get well soon, because we need you! Strength, my friend! Everything will be alright. While there is life, there is hope!

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