Amanda Brandão: Plus Size Model

Created on 04 Oct, 2018
Last Update on 09 Dec, 2020

Not so long ago, Amanda Brandão was ashamed of her body:

  • did not wear a bikini or bathing suit
  • not comfortable with her own skin
  • did not talk about her weight or mannequin

Today, after a long journey of discovery and self-acceptance, she made peace with her mirror and became a bet on the national plus-size market, being represented by the agency 40 Graus Models, by Sérgio Mattos, who has worked with idols like Ana Beatriz Barros, Raica Oliveira and Cauã Reymond.

Model plus-size Amanda Brandão poses for rehearsal: 'I feel sexy'

Confident with her silhouette, Amanda, 25yo, has just starred a rehearsal in natural, without retouching. The message is liberating.

"Being sexy goes beyond the body, it has to do with the essence. A confident woman can be sexy in a shirt and wet hair without much appeal", she says. "I keep looking at the pictures of this rehearsal and I thinking: She is hot! I am sexy! Yes!"

Amanda has been following in the social networks the movement of other models and celebrities that are fighting against the "dictatorship of perfection". The top Isabeli Fontana and presenter Mariana Goldfarb have already shared with their followers in Instagram images without any treatment:

They're women who do not stick to rules anymore, they're not ashamed of the imperfections. And that's beautiful.

Native from Acre, Brazilian State, Amanda did some modeling work as a child, but she did not continue. It was not until August of last year that she decided to go all the way through into this universe.

"Having wonderful and empowered women being viewed that much is very important because they represent thousands of people who do not fit into the expected profiles. It's not because I do not have a slim, defined body that I can not be beautiful and love myself" she says, fan of Ashley Graham and Gisele Bündchen. "When they ask what I work, I just say I'm a model. It is what I am. There is no category. Plus or curve, it's just a name and part of who I am.

In addition to market recognition, Amanda wants to inspire:

Encourage girls and women that it is possible to be what they want to be. I also have plans to go out of the country and I have prepared myself for that.