Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: Scissors for Fingers

Created on 03 Jul, 2022
Last Update on 17 Mar, 2023

Amber Heard, during her first interview after losing the trial, was confronted with hard-hitting questions posed by the host Savannah Guthrie.

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[Guthrie] "In the closing arguments, the Depp lawyer said… called your testimony the performance of a lifetime and said you were acting. What do you say to that?"

[Heard] "Says the lawyer for the man who convinced the world he had scissors for fingers? I'm the performer?
I had listened to weeks of testimony insinuating or saying directly that I'm a terrible actress. So I'm a bit confused how I could be both."

Despite the great public interest in the trial, such interview proved to be a ratings low for Dateline NBC.

Internet Repercussion

  • "Next thing she'll say he's not actually a pirate.", Facebook user

  • "So he doesn't own a chocolate factory?", Twitter user

  • "You're telling me the scissors for fingers isn't real?"

  • "Just to clarify… Amber Heard does know that Edward Scissorhands was a MOVIE and not a documentary right????", Twitter user

  • Join the Scissor Awareness Campaign: "I'm Johnny Depp and I have scissor fingers."
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  • "I can confirm Johnny Depp did convince the world he has scissors for fingers. In fact, Bernie Sanders still gets regular haircuts from him.", Twitter user

  • "Thanks, internet, for always providing me with things I didn't know I wanted.", Robert Downey Jr.

  • Thor Gets his Hair Cut by Edward Scissorhands in Fanmade Deleted Scene

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