How do I audition for K-pop online?

Created on 01 Oct, 2022
Last Update on 01 Oct, 2022

Each agency has specific details in their recruitment process. Fortunately, they all share a similar process structure:

1. Online Form

You will have to introduce yourself, show some pictures and submit a video link (usually from YouTube). Some advices:

Writing: Show your engagement and passion with kpop culture. Learn how to write and speak in Korean. Show how hardworking you are with singing and dancing, but also show you can get well with your pairs. Explain the skill set that makes you unique. Small mistakes are acceptable as long as your ideas are crystal clear and concise. There is no problem to ask an adult for help, as long as the final text is clearly written by you and not some professional writer.

Pictures: At this point, you are not expected to be a top model using the most stylish makeup nor clothes. The focus should be your raw image (recruiters know that small 'imperfections' can be corrected later). However, it is good to show that you have a good attitude towards the camera (smile and posture). Stay healthy and in shape (no overweight, nor underweight, nor sunburns, nor tattoos).

Video: Again, at this point, it is not expected a big production. The focus should be on your skills and attitude towards the camera. Your mission here is to get the recruiter attention, therefore, short video but viral. Use your creativity. Latter you will have more time to show your full potential.

Facial Expressions: If you're talented at making facial expressions (ex: like Tsuki from Billlie), you should show that in your portfolio of pictures and videos.

Social Media: Create a website or social media accounts with more things about you. Post these on your form so the recruiter can get more information about you immediately if they want to.
If you have an expressive number of followers or other kind of social engagement, let the recruiters know. This can really leverage your recruitment.
If you don't, start building social engagement immediately!!

2. Additional Info

If they like your online form, they will ask you for more information. Usually this include more personal info, pictures and videos.
Don't get bothered if they request a lot of stuff. This means they are liking you, otherwise they would not be wasting their time with you. Be patience and show how much interested in working with them you are.

3. Online Interview

They like you and would like to talk in real-time with you. This can take several rounds, starting with lower-level managers and rising to directors. A good internet connection here is important.
If you are not fluent in speaking Korean, then you need to be comfortable speaking English. Either way, a Korean translator can help: sometimes the problem is that the English from the recruiters are tough to understand.

4. Presential Audition

At this point they really like you and, most likely, will pay your expenses to travel to Korea.
There you will have to perform on stage for them a couple of times. You might have to stay in Korea for a week or two. At the end, they might make you an offer on spot to become a trainee. Therefore, be prepared to not comeback to India for a while.

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