What is the age limit for KPop auditions?

Created on 14 Nov, 2019
Last Update on 01 Oct, 2022

There is no official age limit to be called for a kpop audition.
However, idols usually go through the following steps:

  • become trainee before 16yo
  • train for some years
  • debut around their 16~22yo range

Therefore, if you are around 16~19yo region, then you are a little late.

However, if you have an incredible talent and an outstanding shining star upon you, then you've might have a chance. This is very rare to happen, but a few exceptions are:

  • Irene (Red Velvet)

    She became a trainee at 18yo in 2009, just after her high school. Trained for 5 years under SM Entertainment and debuted in 2014 at 23yo.

  • Solar (MAMAMOO)

    She became a trainee under RBW Entertainment in 2011 at 20yo, trained for 3 years and debuted at 23yo.

  • Miya (GWSN)

    She joined GWSN in 2018 and debuted after 4 months at 25yo.

On the other side, agencies have no problem to take on trainees under 10:

  • JYPe Twice’s Jihyo (born in 1997) trained for 10 years before her debut with Twice, in 2015. This means she entered JYPe in 2005, when she was just 8-years-old!
  • JYPe Stray Kids Chan (born 1997) trained for 7 years before his debut with SKiz, in 2018. He entered the agency in 2010, he was only 13-years-old.

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