Gugu Liberato: Fatality

Created on 08 Dec, 2019
Last Update on 01 Oct, 2022

Accident and Death

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On Wednesday 20/11/2019, presenter Gugu Liberato suffered a serious accident at his home in Orlando, USA, falling from a height of 4m from the attic. He was promptly taken to the hospital for intracranial bleeding. The brain death was confirmed a few hours later and the death note released on Friday (22).


Initially, Gugu Liberato's communications advisory office issued a note stating that he had suffered a domestic accident and was hospitalized.

Due to the tone of the note, the public was under the impression that the accident was not serious and that he would soon recover.

However, several communicators began early to announce Gugu's death and were criticized for not respecting the official statement. Soon after, a second statement dispelled rumors that Gugu had died, causing even more controversy.

The controversy over Gugu's real situation was only resolved with the death note issued on Friday (22).

Fake News

A few weeks earlier, on November 4, Gugu had been the subject of fake news. In his profile of "Power Couple Brasil", a program that he also featured on Record and was in the recording period, it was said that he had died after a heart attack:

At the age of 60, presenter Gugu Liberato, the victim of a heart attack, dies on Sunday night.

At the time, the presenter himself denied the rumor, reassuring fans:

Guys, someone posted that I had a heart attack. It's fake, okay? I'm very well thank you.


  • Galvão Bueno was also admitted the same week, Thursday (21), in a hospital in Peru to perform catheterization of an artery. While preparing to narrate the game between Flamengo and River Plate for the Libertadores, the veteran ended up feeling bad and a clogged artery was identified through examinations. As reported by Rede Globo in a note:

    Our partner Galvão Bueno had a bad feeling this morning. He was taken for exams at the Anglo-American clinic in the Miraflores neighborhood, accompanied by his wife, Desirée Galvão Bueno. It was promptly attended and is undergoing catheterization for unclogging a coronary artery. The narration of the Libertadores final will be made by teammate Luis Roberto.

  • Rodrigo Faro , from the same station as Gugu, has pneumonia and is under observation in a hospital in São Paulo.

  • Gloria Maria underwent brain cancer surgery a few weeks earlier, on 11/11, at a Copacabana hospital in the south of Rio de Janeiro. A week later, she detailed the scare on her social networks:

    I passed out at my house, out of the blue, on Saturday 3/11. I banged my head against the corner of the glass table and hurt. I went to the hospital to sew, and tests for the cause of fainting showed a tumor in my brain that would kill me silently at any moment. But the tumor formed an edema around it that inflamed and made me faint [...] But God I'm sure now likes me. He sent messenger Dr. Paulo Niemeyer to rescue me. He set up a war operation. Race against time! 6 hours of surgery. CTI I survived! Today I believe in miracles! I still have a way to go. But I am whole. Alive! From the bottom of my soul I want to say thank you to you. I was saved also by the pure and true energy that you sent me! I am strong, calm and happy.

Sadness and Tributes

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From Renato Aragão and Luan Santana to Fátima Bernardes and Tati Quebra Barraco, various personalities and media companies have spoken on social networks to express their grief and pay tribute to the professional.